"Great Guy, Great Lawyer". I usually do not do this, but I feel compelled to tell anyone who reads this how great it is to have a man like Steven Sokolik on your side when you find yourself in trouble with DUI problems. As most of you know, when you get a DUI, almost right away you will start getting mail from a ton of law firms. I checked of few of them out as the letters came in the mail. When a friend told me about Steve, I called him, I was impressed with his calmness, willingness to talk to me about my options before he even mentioned a fee. When I asked about his fees, I was stunned! They don't even compare to what the others demanded. I knew right away that this was the guy to represent me in court. He makes you feel like your case is the only case he has. He is very compassionate and very knowledgeable. He has a way of explaining the law in ways that are easy to understand. He really does care about his clients as people. I can honestly say that I feel very lucky to have found him. This man was a Godsend to me. His fees are very manageable. If he is not able to take your call when you first call him, he will always return your call in a very timely manner. There is no downside to working with Steve on your side. I strongly urge anyone who needs the kind of help I needed or any other legal representation to call the Steve Sokolik, Attorney at Law. You will be glad you did. THANK YOU STEVE!


Saint louis, Missouri

From our initial meeting with Steven Sokolik, I knew that I had chosen the right attorney to represent my family member who committed a very serious crime and was facing jail time as a result. Mr. Sokolik was very professional and answered all our questions about the process, what he was prepared to do as our attorney and honest in describing various possible outcomes.

As the case continued, Mr. Sokolik kept us up-to-date, returning phone calls promptly and again, answering all our questions. Whether it was good news or not so good news, he projected a positive attitude towards her case, which in turn, helped us be more positive both mentally and spiritually.

Not only was Mr. Sokolik’s expertise and knowledge as a Criminal Attorney so evident, he was an extraordinarily caring individual who did an amazing job advocating and negotiating extensively on behalf of my family member. He is highly respected among his peers and others within the judicial system.

Steven Sokolik has a reputation of being fair and honest and has the ability to resolve cases that are both satisfying for his client and the courts. I would highly recommend him for those individuals in need of an outstanding and well-qualified defense attorney. His knowledge of criminal law, his honesty and professionalism, his sensitivity to the needs of his client and his perseverance in representing my family member resulted in a miraculous outcome. Steven Sokolik should be your choice to represent you. In behalf of my family, we thank you, Mr. Sokolik.


St. Louis, MO

One of a parent's worst nightmare is to find that their child has committed a crime. I grew up getting into trouble here and there, but nothing of the magnitude that I found myself having to deal with my son through. As a single parent, I didn't really feel like I knew what to do or whom to talk to.
Not only was Steve a talented and hard-working attorney who gave us expert legal advice, but he became my emotional support throughout this 3 year ordeal. Answered my calls at all hours of the night and showed a level of compassion that most attorneys aren't known for.
My son is now on his way to being a productive citizen. His life would have been terribly destroyed over a few bad judgement calls if not for Steve.

Mr. Sokolik had resolved many of my legal issues with resounding results! I have also referred him to a number of my associates facing very serious legal issues and in my opinion did better than any other lawyer could have in terms of the final outcome! I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Sokolik or recommend his service to anyone.

Keith K

I was referred to Steve about 3 years ago by another attorney. I was very pleased with the way Steve handled my case. He was always professional, He always kept me informed about what was going on with my case and gave it the utmost attention when needed. I would recommend Steve to anyone needing a good attorney, He will get the job done!

T. Adger

I was hit with two class c felonies which easily could have landed me jail time especially given the fact I had a prior history and Steven Sokolik got me probation with no felony conviction. I would HIGHLY recommend Steven Sokolik.

Ross M.

Steve Sokolik has provided outstanding legal representation and counsel on several occasions.

Lisa S.

I have had numerous dealings with Steven Sokolik in a professional capacity. He has always provided timely service with exceptional results! I would have no hesitation in recommending his service to any one in need of legal representation in any capacity.

Keith K

I am a client of Steve Sokolik. I have used him for many different legal proceedings and each and every time he has made me more than happy. He really fought for me as a client and showed me that he cares about me and my case. He goes above and beyond what was asked of him as a lawyer and , he treated my case as a priority and got excellent results! I would recommend Mr. Sokolik for any kind of legal situation.

Jennifer Ernest

Steve Sokolik is an amazing attorney. When I was at the lowest point in my life facing devastating charges, I made the best decision of my life to hire Mr. Sokolik. Immediately, he assumed control of my case and handled everything in an extremely professional manner. I never had any difficulty getting in touch with Mr. Sokolik and throughout my case he kept me very well informed. Ultimately, Mr. Sokolik got all my charges dismissed and I was able to resume my life without any kind of criminal record thanks to his fantastic legal representation. Whatever charges you are facing, Steve Sokolik is exactly the attorney you want to represent you as he is extremely intelligent, very well versed in the law, easy to talk to and a compassionate person.


Steve is the best, he puts bad lawyers to shame, no lawyer jokes with him, he saved my life. I would always hire him again (but i hope i don't have to) and always seek his legal advice or recommendation in the right legal field for my needs. When he says he's very good at what he does he means it,trust him he's worth every penny.

Sara S.

Wow, I just left the court and got the best possible outcome to my case. I actually hired another attorney and fired him after the 1st court date. Steve actually works for you. The best services I have ever received for legal representation. He got my bond lowered allowing me to get out of jail to await my court date, and after the date he got most of the charges dropped. Probation and 90 days in jail when facing a minimum of 7 to 30 years. Best possible outcome in my opinion.

Dan M.

Steven is the best lawyer you could hire!! He got multiple charges dropped off my husbands case got him weekends instead of the 15-30 years he was looking at!!! so he could be home with our children and pushed the weekends to start after their birthday!! He also fixed a ticket I got free of charge in the middle of my husbands case!! He's outstanding doesn't mess around and seriously saved our family's lives!!!! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal help! Thank you Steven you amazing!!!!

Emily M.

When I was facing serious charges, I made the best decision of my life to hire Steve Sokolik. Steve answered all my questions and definitely made me feel at ease with the entire legal process. If you need legal assistance he is definitely the man to call! He knows his way through the justice system and I was more than happy with the results. My case was ultimately dismissed thanks to the phenomenal work of Mr. Sokolik. Thanks Steve!

Sarah J

Mr. Sokolik is definitely one of the top defense lawyers in all of Missouri. He's proven his skills and experience through all of his cases, and really knows what he is doing when it comes down to it. He will support your case through thick and thin and will always be there to stand by you. I wouldn't think twice as to use him as my defense attorney.

Sam H

Mr. Sokolik is a wonderful attorney. He returned all my calls right away, answered my questions, and was very knowledgeable. He is the best!

Jay H

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